You Might Not Like This...

but here's a sample

Thinking about the unpleasant and nasty things that have been happening on our planet during the past few decades can really bum you out. Here’s the first paragraph of an article I read this evening. I’ll provide a link if you are feeling masochistic and want to read the whole thing.

“The natural world is dying. This is an inarguable fact of life and something that the human race must reconcile with. Death may not be immediate and all-consuming like a snap of the finger, but the death of nature is occurring nonetheless in a process that is starting to speed up at an unreasonably alarming rate. From the melting death-march of the polar ice caps to the rampant deforestation at play in the jungles of Borneo, humankind’s hand in the eventual annihilation of the natural world is all too obvious and all too familiar. Capitalism, plain and simple.”

Had enough? If not, here’s the link: