The Word

Not everyone is as forthcoming as I tend to be...

So I got the Word from a new friend today. “Larry, [blank] and I are rather private folks. I really strongly encourage you not to write about us on Facebook or Substack or any other net places you frequent. You just can’t imagine the shit we have been through during the past few years!”

Well, I agreed to keep quiet, at least as much as I am able to! It’s quite interesting and dangerous down by the border. I was dutifully swamping out a really bad room which had housed at least one cat and a heedless human. Stinky, nasty, grueling work! I had to breathe through my mouth. I found out later that while I was so occupied a Border Patrol helicopter was just a few hundred yards away, confronting some migrant types while a neighbor lady shrieked and made obscene gestures to the hovering aircraft.