Pure Harmonies

a discursion

Is it some sort of possibly creepy idiosyncrasy that I so enjoy hearing music performed by sister duos who are half my age, performing cover versions of songs from past musical eras? That's a rhetorical question, please don't answer!

I was listening/watching to a rather sentimental rendition of an old song which I first heard on the radio during the late 1960s. The MonaLisa Twins' version of Scott MacKenzie's pop song "San Francisco", IMHO, surpasses the original song.

I'm just speculating, but I wonder if sisters (or brothers, for that matter) might have a superior way of harmonizing that comes from growing up together and learning music alongside each other?

Here's an early example. perhaps the first time I ever heard female close harmony singing:

My grandparents, the parents of my mother Marilyn, lived in a modest house in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Once, while my mother, my sisters, and I were at their house on a holiday visit, I happened across an old 78 RPM record player in a closet, along with a stack of brittle discs still in their yellowed sleeves.

I plugged the thing in while my sisters watched. I picked at random a disc from its sleeve, placed it on the turntable, and carefully lowered the needle.

The song was "Mr. Sandman", sung by the Andrews Sisters. Such celestial harmonies! We listened to that scratched old disc over and over.

While I tend to listen to mostly instrumental music these days, sometimes the pure tones of harmonized voices can be a refreshing change. After all, the violin was invented in Italy as a way to imitate the human voice!

Here’s a link to the MonaLisa Twins cover of San Francisco: