Death of a Camera?

or maybe a bad battery...

About five years ago I bought a used camera from an Ebay vendor. It was an Olympus mirror-less device, an E-M5 digital SLR. It took me a year of intermittent use to learn how to use the camera effectively. I shot thousands of photos, and I grew to really appreciate the image capabilities it gave me.

Last week the camera became unresponsive. My batteries were old and I hope that some new batteries might revive the beast. I shifted to using my older camera, a Canon G12 which has a bad lens scratch due to some design flaws. The twin lens-covers which automatically close when the camera is shut off are positioned less than a millimeter from the lens surface, and a piece of grit had gotten in there and was dragged across the lens. Still, the camera is still usable.

As a tribute to my seemingly-defunct Olympus camera, here’s a shot I like from December, 2018.