A Writing Life

ups and downs...

I've been writing for many years. It's just a habit, and I enjoy any responses I might receive. When I was an adolescent my father discovered my hand-written journal while snooping through my room. He was appalled by the experiences I had recorded, many of them LSD-related. He burned that journal in the back yard trash-burner.

I had to get out of there! I moved away from home and ended up hitch-hiking to the west coast. I didn't write again for about twenty years. I suppose my thought was that "Why write anything? Someone could burn it all at any time!"

My writing instinct rose from the flames like a phoenix when I was in my forties. I wrote articles for a Linux magazine, had a tech-oriented book published, and a few years later wrote many posts on a personal blog, most of them lost forever. I did establish connections with other writers and photographers back then, and some of those folks still keep in touch with me, mostly via e-mail and Facebook.

How things have changed during the past thirty years! When I began to write again the internet was in its infancy. To do research for articles and pieces a writer had to have access to a university library, and/or live in an urban area where like-minded people could easily exchange ideas. It isn't like that these days! For the money that most folks spend on electrical service and a dependable water supply, I get fast and reliable wi-fi net access. I do have occasional outages, times that I don't have electricity, but I'll put up with that. It's a fair exchange. I don't have annoying neighbors (really, none at all), and the splendid Arizona skies give me near-daily photo opportunities. There are worse ways to live!